1. What if I want to add my company logo to my bags? What is the process?
Online purchases DO NOT include embroidery pricing. If you'd like your company logo added on the bags, e-mail it to one of our managers in PDF format. Once it is received, it will be sent out to get digitized for a ONE-TIME CHARGE to you (the customer). The logo will then be returned to us, with the time it takes to make on the machine, and that will determine the pricing for your logo embroider. There is a charge for all types of embroiders.

​2. What if I do not have a company logo?

If you do not have a company logo, no worries! You can still personalize your bags. View the options on our "Personalize" page and choose the font you like the best, then E-mail one of our managers with the words you want your embroider to say, the font # and color of your embroider. Example: John Doe in Font #3 color Red and centered on the front of the bag​. There is NO ONE-TIME DIGITIZING fee for this option. You just pay the price for the embroider since we do not have to send anything out.

3. Does my embroider have to be for a company?
No, it does not. If you are simply ordering our products for your personal use, you can always add what you want it to say. View our "Personalize" page and choose the font and color you like best. Then e-mail one of our managers with this information.​

4. How much do I pay for embroidery?
The price varies, and depends on how long it takes to make your logo on our embroider machine. The same applies for just embroidery options.

5. What if I want to know how much my embroider/logo embroider is before placing my order?
If you have your company logo, send it to us in PDF so we can get an estimate on how long it takes to make on the embroidery machine. Once we are notified, we will let you know what the ONE-TIME CHARGE is for digitizing the image, and the price to add the embroider on your bags. We will not digitize your image until you have confirmed that you agree to the pricing. If you do not have a logo, but want to add words to your bags, see #2 above.

6. I made my purchase online, but do not see the option to personalize my bags, what do I do?
If you've made an online purchase and want to add an embroider, call our office, or e-mail one of our managers right away. Additional charges will apply. You'll then be provided with further instructions (see question #1)

NOTE: Pricing is not determined on how many colors used in your logo, but rather on how long it takes to make (time) and how detailed the logo is.