1st Class Sewing & Design DOES NOT accept any returns, exchange or refunds on any items.

Each item is made from scratch and is made to fit your unique business needs.

For this reason we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any items you have purchased.

Before placing an order, please make sure that any and all items are up to your standards and fit your requirements.

Dimensions are provided in inches for the pizza delivery bags, catering bags and rack covers, so before purchasing make sure that the dimensions listed are exactly what you need and are looking for.

If you are in need of ordering a custom made bag, make sure to provide us with the correct dimensions you want for the bag, and specify if the dimensions are from only the interior of the bag, or from the exterior of the bag. (Dimensions needed: L x W x H in inches) (L= Length, W= Width, H= Height)

If you are in need of a custom made pizza delivery bag, we may also ask for the dimensions of the pizza boxes your company uses for better accuracy.

We at 1st Class, are committed to offering you the best and getting all the details correct on your custom made bags. Therefore, we will not proceed with anything until we have all the EXACT details of what you are looking for, and what you want on the bag. (Placement of pockets, embroider, straps etc. if it applies)

Thank you for allowing 1st Class Sewing & Design to help with your business needs.

We are always happy to work with you and find the best solution!

Questions about our return policy & exchange information

Contact us, and we will get back to you in few business days. For immediate help call us at (224) 802-2915

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